VitaminSEE is an image viewer for OSX that focuses on interface responsiveness and speed. It offers a clean interface and fast load times. VitaminSEE will automatically thumbnail your images, optionally saving them with the files.

VitaminSEE has been tested on OS X, 10.4. It has been superficially tested under 10.5. I’ve abandoned the project since OSX is no longer my primary operating system. Anyone who wishes to fork VitaminSEE to port it to Apple’s newest operating system does so with my blessing: the code is available under the GNU GPLv2.

Version 0.7.2 will probably be the last version released by me, unless I uncharacteristically start liking proprietary operating systems again.


  • VitaminSEE is quick. I’ve strived to make this the fastest image viewer available for the Mac.
  • VitaminSEE automatically thumbnails your images. These thumbnails are used not only by VitaminSEE, but also by the Finder.
  • VitaminSEE allows you to quickly organize your pictures into different directories with it’s integrated Sort Manager.
  • VitaminSEE allows you to tag your pictures with keywords.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so how about some screenshots?


VitaminSEE is distributed as a Universal Binary for people who use Tiger (10.4.x). (Psst! It also works with Leopard!)

VitaminSEE is offered under the GPLv2.


VitaminSEE's source code and history is in a git repository. You can clone it by running:

$ git clone git://

Additional Contributions (a.k.a, Code I ripped off)


VitaminSEE was first written for a contest at the University of Michigan called the Cocoa Codeoff. VitaminSEE won the Best Application award. The Cocoa Codeoff page has died, replaced with the default page from the new iWeb 06.

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